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Premature Greying of hair is a very common occurrence in people these days. It is characterized by fading out of hair, with the color draining from it. The condition can affect anyone, causing a young person to look much older than his or her age. The actual cause of premature greying is the lack of oil gland production in the follicles of the scalp. In such a condition, hair loses the nutrition that it needs and starts turning gray. Diet also plays an important role in the premature greying of the hair. Especially the deficiency of Vitamin B, copper, iron and iodine causes premature greying. At times, it also results from excessive worry and anxiety.


  1. Heredity
  2. Stress
  3. Crash Dieting
  4. Chemical Damage To Hair
  5. Drugs – Chloroquine, Warfarin, Antidepressants, etc.
  6. Genetic Albinism
  7. Thyroid Disorder
  8. Diabetes.

Our hair is made of root and shaft and the color of the shaft is determined by the amount of melanin it has. While genes determine how early you get your grey hairs, alopecia also may result in grey hair.

By finding the exact cause and by giving a comprehensive treatment in the formal local scalp treatment, hair vitalizes in an oil medium & internal medicines can reduce premature greying to a large extent.

Drink a lot of water and eat well as hair condition is the indicator of your health. At our clinic, we have many therapies to take care of your grey hair condition.

Proper dietary advice is also given.


There are several home remedies you could try like a delousing shampoo, 50-50% water and Vinegar washes – remember to wash hair well with water to remove the vinegar smell. A stronger dose would be to use one cup of vinegar and one cup of olive oil rub into the scalp one hour before shampooing. Mayonnaise and Petroleum jelly also have an effect on lice when you leave it overnight and cover your head with a shower cap.

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