Beautiful hair not only stands for a healthy body but also has an important psychological meaning. Hair loss (alopecia) usually affects the quality of life when the hair on the head is visibly cleared and first bald spots appear and thus required the best hair fall treatment in Rajouri Garden.

Alopecia Areata happens when the body’s immune system assaults hair follicles and makes hair drop out.

Androgenic alopecia then again is an acquired type of male pattern baldness. In androgenic alopecia, the hair on the take diminishes and tumbles off. In men, this is called male pattern baldness, in ladies, it is called female pattern baldness.

In 1% or 2% of cases, the condition can spread to the whole scalp (Alopecia Totalis) or the whole epidermis(Alopecia Universalis).

Natural or morbid hair loss?

On average, people have about 100,000 hairs on their heads. 100 of them lose daily – that’s normal and not worry. For hair is subject to natural hair growth with different “life stages” to the end of a multi-year life. 

Then the hair falls out and makes room for freshly regrowing hair.

If more than 100 hairs fall out during the day, or if the hair loss focuses on individual areas – for example, in the case of women at the top of the head, or in men on the temple (receding hairline) – this is probably no longer a natural process, but not a fate either.

Because depending on what type of hair loss is, it can be active and best done effective hair fall treatment in Rajouri Garden as early as possible to do something about it.

Various causes of hair loss

Hair loss can have various hair loss causes and manifests itself in different forms. Triggers are, for example, diseases such as infections or metabolic disorders, mental stress or malnutrition. In women, hair loss is often hormonal (menopause, childbirth, pill break). Here, the hair falls out everywhere on the head, the entire head part is affected. In this case, one speaks of diffuse hair loss. This type of hair loss is usually a temporary phenomenon.

Hereditary hair loss

In most cases, however, there is a hereditary hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the endogenous hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Hereditary hair loss, the so-called androgenetic alopecia or alopecia androgenetica, is the most common type of hair loss – in both men and women. Men are affected at about 60 to 80% percent, in women, it is 20 to 30%.

Plant-related hair loss is different in women than in men. While in men a receding hairline, a bald spot or even a bald form related hair loss of hair manifests itself hereditary in women rather by thinning at the crown, especially in the apex region. In genetic or plant-related hair loss, the active ingredient Minoxidil has proven effective, which specifically counteracts the progression of hair loss.

Overview of hair loss types

The circular hair loss shows up in round Kahlstellen different sizes – the causes of this type of hair loss are not yet clarified. In addition, there is the rarely occurring scarring hair loss, which is usually associated with a disease or inflammation of the scalp. Both the circular and scarring hair loss must be clarified and treated by a doctor.

Diagnosis and treatment options

If you notice increased hair loss, you should first see a dermatologist in Rajouri Garden. Some dermatologists even offer a special hair consultation for hair problems. 

After a comprehensive anamnesis interview in which the personal circumstances of the patient and a possible hereditary predisposition are clarified, the best dermatologist in Rajouri Garden examines the hair structure, the scalp and the hair density of the patient. For this, the dermatologist has various methods available (trichoscan, trichogram, dermatoscopy) to determine the nature and course of hair loss. After diagnosis, your skin specialist in Rajouri Garden will be able to recommend a suitable hair fall treatment in Rajouri Garden for you.

Many medications and hair restorers are available on the market. 

Treatment provided by us:

  • Intralesional Injections
  • Immuno modulators & Hair Vitamins
  • Derma Rollers
  • PRP for Hair Loss

Hair loss and hair structure damage

Normal hair loss: up to 100 hairs a day

Morbid or increased hair loss: more than 100 hairs a day, the life of the hair is shortened, hair roots are damaged or stop their activity completely

Hair structure damage: The hair splinters and breaks off over the scalp, the hair roots usually remain intact