Botox or botulinum toxin is the trade name of a substance made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This toxin is used to produce muscular paralysis for medical purposes in the treatment of neurological diseases and in aesthetic medicine to paralyze skin fragments and thus reduce expression wrinkles. In addition, Botox helps relieve migraines and spinal headaches prevent excessive underarm sweat and attenuate uncontrollable flickering.

It is advisable to start using Botox from 28 to 30 years to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, always under the supervision of dermatologist in Subhash Nagar.

Frequently there are those who get scared thinking about their appearance in the future since wrinkles are undoubtedly a factor that will determine the quality of the skin in the long term. Today, anti-aging medicine is taking more part of the beauty market because of this incessant concern, and Botox leads as the main actor in the change.

Botox use by age ranges

Statistically, more and more patients under 35 are visiting a health specialist or dermatologist in Tagore Garden. Although this is a smaller number, it is on the rise. This new trend leads to identify in advance the potential risks of each person. Through the genetic patterns and the patient’s medical history, a framework for action can be established.

According to medical studies, the Botox used properly will contribute to the delay in the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. In addition, it will make them less deep because the skin is constantly changing. Botox also stimulates the skin’s collagen a lot because it relaxes the muscle and makes it free. These same studies recommend using the toxin as follows:

  • From 25-35 years, to prevent wrinkles and reduce the overexpression of a muscle. Thus, the muscles will be “trained” to prevent future skin wrinkles.
  • At 35-45 years, when they begin to perceive fine lines between the eyebrows and eyes. The Botox manages to soften and even erase these lines, always maintaining the proper treatment.
  • From the age of 40, wrinkles will be more evident and the lines prone to be marked on the skin. The botulinum toxin treatment will achieve smooth skin results.

Botox does not work miracles, but it does allow the expression lines to soften without freezing the face and finding naturalness.