What are blackheads?

black heads

Blackheads, known as comedones or comedogenic acne, are obstruction of the pores of the skin that appear due to sebaceous production (the fatty substance that arises especially in the face and nose), linked to the process of oxidation of cells. The black dot owes its name to the fact that it is open and clogged by a corneal plug of a color similar to black generated by the accumulation of melanin. This does not allow drainage of the sebaceous gland.

According to a skin specialist in Rajouri Garden, ​​the accumulation of fat is mixed with cell debris. These are retained in the exit duct of the sebaceous gland due to inflammations or excess secretions, so the gland cannot drain as quickly as possible, it becomes dirty and acquires the black hue.

Pollution, dust, continued application of makeup, hormonal issues, and fat production, among other factors, are those responsible for dirtying the cluster of secretions.


First, you have to take into account the type of skin to prevent blackheads. Depending on this, some or other dermo-cosmetic products will be chosen to treat and prevent comedogenic acne, as well as some damage that may worsen the skin.

There are many ways to prevent the appearance of blackheads. The second step would be to follow a routine of basic care at home, which includes choosing soap, creams and skin cleansers correctly. Dermatologist in Rajouri Garden recommends controlling skin fat with medical treatments and scrubs once a week. Daily it is advisable to let the skin breathe, do not sleep with makeup so that the pores are ventilated (preferably cleaning it with appropriate make-up removal products, avoiding wipes that can drag dirt and further clog the pores of the skin).

One of the basic principles for healthy skin is hydration, so it is advisable to include in the daily care products such as emulsions, gels, serums, aqueous moisturizers or oils (especially in dry skin) to hydrate it. According to Raquel Fernández de Castro, from the Zahrawi Medical Institute of Valencia, epigenetic factors such as food, hormones, race, and lifestyle of the person must also be taken into account.


It is important to remove blackheads proper facial hygiene, today there are many alternatives to treat them. Fernández de Castro says that some effective options are:

  • Use of special mask treatments for such injuries, both at home and by going to a professional.
  • Avoid creams and makeup that increase sebum and fat production.
  • Before applying makeup or hydration, properly clean the face.
  • Use warm water to wash the face.
  • Use a facial scrub once and twice a week.
  • Establish a daily routine of care, because the results are not seen immediately but appear in the long term, so you have to be constant.

What are white heads

white heads

Usually, they are small formations of fat that appear around the eyes, cheeks, nose, and forehead as a result of clogging of the pores due to excessive sebum production or because it can not surface of the skin.

In white dots, unlike black dots, the pore is still closed and has no “head.” The point is white because sebum does not oxidize by not coming into contact with air. Also, unlike pimples, the obstruction is not infected and, therefore, white spots are not accompanied by the typical red halo, which indicates that there is an inflammation of the tissue.

What causes them

As in other cases of acne, the appearance of white dots is due to clogging of pores, whether by sebum, air impurities or dead skin cells. And even if the pore is closed, the truth is that they can be treated effectively. The key is to keep the pores very clean to make it easier for the sebum to go outside and prevent it from accumulating under the skin.

How to kill them

You only need three steps to prevent its occurrence or to remedy the problem if it is too late.

1. Daily cleaning

A facial cleansing in the morning and another at night should be the starting point in every beauty routine that wants to be effective. The best way to combat whiteheads is to keep the skin scrupulously clean, removing all other makeup so that our pores do not clog. You can opt for 3-in-1 micellar water, which cleanses, purifies and tones the skin. And if you live in a big city, where pollution is the order of the day, we recommend you then use an anti-pollution lotion to protect the skin from external aggressions.

2. A lot of hydration

Both inside and out. In addition to drinking 2 liters of water daily, incorporate a facial essence as the first step of your beauty routine. With a texture similar to that of water and as effective as a serum, the essences regenerate the skin, provide the hydration they need and protect it from external threats.

It also provides extra nutrition with a moisturizer, regardless of the type of skin you have. Even people with oily skin should hydrate it as it deserves. In fact, in case of not doing so, the skin will react producing more fat and aggravating the problem.

3. Deep cleaning

To the two previous steps, it is necessary to add a deep cleaning that ends the impurities that are deposited on the surface of the skin and that are also responsible for the appearance of white spots. This deep cleaning, divided into two parts, you can do it twice a week.