Hair Loss has become a very normal problem now for both males and females. There are various reasons that can cause scalp hair loss, and they do differ in males and females.

Studies show that losing up to 100-200 hair per day is common. The hairs that are shed are often in relaxing or late phase in the hair cycle.

Alopecia is the loss of hair.

Alopecia is a hair condition in which hair is lost from a few or all territories of the body, more often from scalp and hair thinning as well.

Many wrong chemical treatments also lead to thin brittle hair or also nutritional deficiencies, anemic, drugs PEM many other causes.

Along with this a common cause of thin hair seen in menopausal women due to hormonal imbalance. In the procedure of thin hair, the local treatment given to the hair shaft leads to thick lustrous hair.

There are two fundamental types of Androgenic Alopecia

a.) Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL)  and

b.) Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL)